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We all know that during the last 10 to 12 years the Information Technology (IT) has touched all time heights. Due to the progress in IT the whole world is virtually in our grip. While sitting in any country, just click on the mouse of the computer and have an access to any kind of information you want about any country.

Non Resident Indian (NRI) Communication .By using this new technology, an effort has been made to bring all the NRI’s, throughout the world, at one platform. It provides all their needs and services such as real estate, rentals, buy and sell (classified), business directory, matrimonial on one website.

Prior to that we launched I-News and I-Radio, which is capable of playing all the radio stations of the world, now IP- TV is instrumental in providing, entertainment, news and any conceivable information.  We are pretty sure, all the NRIs where ever they may be living in the world, would benefit from this platform.
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NRI Communication Team.


Real Estate

Welcome to NRI Real Estate and Rental.

NRI Real Estate and Rental web provides a site for information for buying or selling your property. You directly reach customers without giving hefty amount to the agents. In this way of direct deals you can save a lot of money. It also helps the buyers in buying the property at a lower price. In   brief both the buyers and sellers stand to gain.

It is quite evident that anything bought or sold directly, instead of intermediaries or the agents
is always money- saving as the sellers and the buyers have direct negotiations.



Through NRI Rental you can easily rent out your house, basement suite, condo, town house or any other property. You need not go to different stores to stick rental ads. Just call Rental Department of NRI Communication, you rental ad will be listed right away. Moreover those people who are looking for a place to live or for their business can find a rental place of their choice.


Buy and Sell

Through NRI Classified you can buy and sell anything. For buying and selling you don’t have to go to different places nor you will have to go to different sites.


NRI Matrimonial


Many NRIs are found looking for a match for their son or daughter; they don’t know which site they should go to or which news paper they should look into for NRI match. To meet your long standing demand, NRI Communication is a unique site, where you can get the information to find NRI life mate.


NRI Business Directory


Nri Communication, nri web, Rentals, Real Estate, Directory, Matrimonial, Buy Sell, Nri Rentals, Nri Reak Estate, Nri Directory, Nri Buy Sell, Nri Matrimonial, Nri Radio, Nri TV, Nri News,There was a time, whenever you wanted to find out the phone number or the address of a business, you used to find the voluminous (heavy) directory resting at a remote or obscure place in your house. Many times you couldn’t trace out the required information at all.

Now, these paper directories have baffled the people. Every other day you find a heavy directory of 400 to 500 pages thrown at your doorstep, which is usually thrown in the recycling bin.  

Now every household has an internet, and in every house there is someone who is educated, it may be a school going boy or girl. Instead of turning hundreds of pages, you can find out what you need in less than a minute. Not only at home, but while you’re around or driving in your car, or you’re in the train or bus you can find out anything by using your smart phone.  

So, by using NRI Communication web, get rid of old fashioned, out moded paper directory, use Internet to get connected to these services.

Must try once and keep pace with the time and technology.